Having a toddler running riot around the house and still managing to stay relatively sane is no easy feat! Toddlers, like teens, are constantly learning, pushing boundaries and making huge developmental leaps – making our job as their parents even more challenging!

Although having a toddler around can be demanding, we have written some posts which will hopefully help you navigate the rollercoaster your toddler is embarking on. From terrible twos, threes and fours, building resilience, learning the best ways to communicate with your little one and much much more – we’ve got you covered…

At Water Filled Wellies we take the positive parenting approach and look at each phase of childhood as a wonderful adventure. We have posts on a range of topics which will include tips and tricks, routines and guidance on how to be the best parent you can be to your growing child.​

Toddler Posts

communicating with your child

Communicating With Children – Astonishing results

Communicating with children can be a great struggle, regardless of their age! I can’t imagine there’s a single parent out there who hasn’t had a problem with this at some point of their parenting journey; myself included! So, if communicating with children is such a problem for so many parents, how do we get through

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becoming a parent

12 Things To Know About Being A Mum In Year 1

My beautiful baby girl turned one this week (27th July 2020). I can’t quite believe how quickly the time has flown by! The past week has been a jumble of mixed emotions: sadness at her first year coming to an end, pure joy at how much she is flourishing and utter astonishment at the growing

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Growing Up Mixed-Race – Happy, Healthy and Secure

Growing up mixed race. There are 1.25 million people growing up in mixed race homes in the UK according to the 2011 census. 1.25 MILLION! This is the fastest growing ethnic group in the UK and not surprising given our wonderfully multicultural and modern society. Given the tumultuous situation at the moment, particularly in the

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How Being A Dad Will Change Your Life

First thoughts on parenting So, I was that guy. You know, the one that says – “how hard can it be?” “These other parents just aren’t doing it right – you just need to assert your dominance and then the baby will step in line”. “What’s wrong with these other parents?” “How hard is it

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