The Perfect Scrambled Breakfast. Little Time, Little Effort, Big Taste!

scrambled breakfast

Scrambled breakfast

This little beauty is super quick to make, requires very few ingredients and is bursting with flavour! If our daughter isn’t feeling super hungry, it’s not the end of the world, we usually end up fighting over this one! The Scrambled Breakfast was a game changer! Athena loved it, and it gave us a way of introducing her to new flavours and textures. 

Delicious, nutritious and full of flavour – this scrambled combo is the best way for your little one to start the day. The eggs are a fantastic source of protein, the ham adds a saltiness, the spring onion adds a bit of a crunch, and the cheese makes it all gooey and lovely!

Weaning meals

When weaning your child, it is important to give them a varied and balanced diet. To do this we need to make sure they are getting their fibre, proteins and fats. This is a brilliant example of how to accomplish all of this in just one meal! 

When weaning your child you want to stay away from too much seasoning. I know when I started out, our daughter’s pallet couldn’t handle the food that was enhanced with a range of flavours. She wanted simple foods, so we created foods that do not require a lot of prep and ingredients. Since then she has been lapping them up. It also means we can stop spending a fortune on Ella’s Pouches! 

scrambled breakfast

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  1. thank you Alex, great idea to start the day with. I am not someone that likes to spend a lot of time in the litchen cooking, this one is right up my street ?will definitely try it.
    loving your posts

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