Expectant mums and dads everywhere have tons of questions and concerns about pregnancy, what to expect and the realities of giving birth.
If you find yourself asking these questions, you’re in the right place!

As an expectant parent, it is so important to look after your mental and physical wellbeing – from eating the right foods, doing the right exercise, preparing yourself emotionally, sorting out the baby’s nursery, packing your hospital bag etc… the list feels endless! 

You are embarking on one of the most exciting and terrifying journeys you will probably ever go through! Pregnancy is truly incredible, but the end result is even better! I promise!

Check out our posts below for a little help. At Water Filled Wellies we take the positive parenting approach and look at the wonderful moments as true learning experiences. We have posts on a range of topics covering what to expect after birth as your little one grows from a newborn, to a toddler and into childhood! Exciting isn’t it!?

Pregnancy Posts

How Being A Dad Will Change Your Life

First thoughts on parenting So, I was that guy. You know, the one that says – “how hard can it be?” “These other parents just aren’t doing it right – you just need to assert your dominance and then the baby will step in line”. “What’s wrong with these other parents?” “How hard is it

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