Infants are scary little things! So fragile, so wonderfully cute, so scarily small! Having an Infant isn’t easy! I remember Alex and I spent hours just watching our little girl to check she was still breathing.

Although this stage can be overwhelming, we have written some posts which will hopefully put your mind at ease and help you on this amazing journey into parenthood.

As a new parent, you’ve probably got tons of questions! Heck, even the most experienced of parents will still have questions about infants! They’re all so different and honestly, once the infant stage passes – you seem to forget all the challenges!

Your baby is embarking on an exciting and incredible journey – to try to make it as seamless as possible, check out our posts below for a little help. At Water Filled Wellies we take the positive parenting approach and look at the wonderful moments as true learning experiences. We have posts on a range of topics covering what to expect after birth as your little one grows from an infant to a toddler and into childhood! Exciting isn’t it!?

Infant Posts

baby decisions

Knowing What’s Best For Your Little One – How to Decide

Knowing what’s best for your little one is one of the hardest things to do, and then living with that decision and its consequences brings its own roller coaster of emotions – especially when the decision didn’t pan out the way you’d hoped.  From tummy time, sensory play, breastfeeding, combi-feeding, bottle feeding, dummy / no

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becoming a parent

Becoming A Parent Has Changed Me For The Better

The highs and lows of becoming a parent have changed me for the better. I have refined the skill of patience and become a great deal more empathetic – the impossible a year ago! Many people are concerned about the difficulties of becoming a parent; truth be told, it’s the hardest thing I’ve done to

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becoming a parent

12 Things To Know About Being A Mum In Year 1

My beautiful baby girl turned one this week (27th July 2020). I can’t quite believe how quickly the time has flown by! The past week has been a jumble of mixed emotions: sadness at her first year coming to an end, pure joy at how much she is flourishing and utter astonishment at the growing

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How Being A Dad Will Change Your Life

First thoughts on parenting So, I was that guy. You know, the one that says – “how hard can it be?” “These other parents just aren’t doing it right – you just need to assert your dominance and then the baby will step in line”. “What’s wrong with these other parents?” “How hard is it

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