5 Top Money Saving Tips For Parents In The UK – 2020

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The UK, along with the rest of the world is amidst a global pandemic. In these uncertain times, with jobs lost, people furloughed and income at a low, it is more important than ever to be frugal, save money and have some tried and tested money-saving tips up your sleeve! Being a parent is expensive – especially in big cities like London – read on to find out the End-Rich 5 top money saving tips in the UK for parents.

Tip 1 – Eating at home

It is so easy to save money by eating at home rather than eating out. Many restaurants have closed their doors. Take-aways, (although a treat once in a while), should be just that – a treat.

So, the first money-saving tip would be to prepare and eat food at home – bulk cooking is always a brilliant idea!

We have some great recipes you could try on our  ‘Frugal Foods’ page.  We know that eating well on a budget is not always easy, so we encourage you to make your food from the comfort of your own home, rather than spending money eating out. You’ll soon start to reap the rewards! Healthier home-cooked meals mean less money spent outdoors, and more delicious and nutritious recipes for your belly!

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Tip 2 – free activities

Trying to fill your days with engaging activities, (especially when everything appears to be closed), is a challenge – little ones need a space to expend all their energy before they destroy the house.

Usually, for money-saving ideas, we would encourage you to branch out to your local area’s library, children centres and museums. Under the new lockdown restrictions, however, this is becoming increasingly difficult. 

So, what can you do instead that will involve fun and frugality for your family? Why not head to your local parks, create your very own playground or sensory areas within your home or join local zoom meets with other mums?

Here are just a few money-saving purchases that we have used in our home and have found them very useful to entertain our little one on a budget:

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Tip 3 – frugal shopping

This is one of my favourite money saving tips!

When I was first pregnant, I was obsessed with getting the best of everything for my little one. The most expensive and beautiful bed linen, clothes, shoes, toys etc! What a complete waste of money! I soon came to realise (after a poop explosion or 10) that baby / toddler / children’s clothes get ruined fast. They soon don’t fit and your baby will not wear shoes until they are at least 9 months old, regardless of how cute they may look!

Instead, accept hand me downs with open arms, buy second hand and talk to other mums before you go on a shopping spree – find out exactly what is needed and what will end up stuck in a draw gathering dust. 

When doing your weekly shop, remember that supermarket own-brand clothing, food, nappies etc. are absolutely fine. I know many a mum who will only buy the very best for their babies and will spend a fortune on baby clothes from more expensive stores. I promise you, babies will ruin clothes very quickly and will grow out of them even faster.

Another related money-saving tip would be to use the subscribe and save on amazon – it won’t be huge amounts, but we do this with things we buy regularly like baby wipes and our daily vitamins! Every penny helps!

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Tip 4 – breastfeed

If you can and want to, breastfeed your baby. This money saving tip will save you a ton of money. In fact, a formula fed baby will cost you over £1,000 extra for the formula per year, then you’ll have to incorporate the price of bottles, sterilizing equipment etc. Breast milk is free, nutritious and will save you so much time and hassle! Plus the bond you will have with your little one is incredible. Have a look at this great blog ‘Milk Making Mama‘ for some advice if you’re contemplating breastfeeding – it offers some brilliant tips and support for anyone struggling. It also looks at different options like combi-feeding where mammas may potentially get the best of both worlds. 

Of course, there is absolutely no judgement here for those mammas who would rather bottle feed – just wanting to raise the financial benefits of breastfeeding too! Ultimately do what’s best for you and your little one – there will always be plenty more money saving tips to try out instead if this one isn’t for you.

Tip 5 – opt for neutral

If you’re planning on having more than one little one, opt for neutral colours and clothing. That way regardless of the sex of the baby, things will be used more than the once before you sell them on. This money saving tip will mean saving huge amounts on buying the blue version of the pink onesie you had bought for your first little darling. Really, your little one won’t care whether he or she is dressed in a specific colour. Go for comfort and affordability over everything else.

There you have it! Our End-Rich top 5 money-saving tips

Yes, money in today’s crazy world is tight. Some people are really struggling to make ends meet; having a little one to care and provide for just adds to that struggle. Living frugally will really help you to, not only survive, but also thrive in these uncertain times. Check out our posts on more money saving tips in the UK and beyond here: ‘Money’. 

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