Reading will open your mind, choose your books wisely

These two books are mindset changers that will tell you how to create an asset column, most of us spend our lives buying liabilities and spending money frivolously, not thinking about the consequences of our actions. Many of us end up at the end of each month with little to no money left and as a result put no money in savings. These books talk about the importance of paying yourself first and not wasting money on unimportant things. We will also aim to look at decreasing our bad debt, remember, not all debt is bad. You can use good debt to your advantage.

Millionaire Teacher

This book got us interested in looking at the stock market and looking at index funds. This was the book that got me to invest some money in a Target retirement fund. We all have to start somewhere. Also available on Kindle

Rich Dad Poor Dad

The book that will change your mindset about money and make you find ways of making money, not selling your time for money. Also available on Kindle.

Richest Man in Babylon

This book tells you stories about people from a time long ago, yet their financial troubles are not so different from our own, granted we cannot leverage ourselves as slaves. Save 1/10 of your earnings as use that gold to make more gold. Your gold will make babies, it’s babies will make babies! Very interesting premise. Also available for cheap on Kindle.

The E-Myth Revisited

This is a fantastic book on creating your own business, it also explains why so many small business fail. I won’t spoil it but this book has given me so much inspiration to create my own business. It has also given me great appreciation for McDonalds. Also available on Kindle.

Property Investment

This is an interesting book that was recommended to me by a friend, it opens up the door to property investment and gives you information about the different types of strategies you could follow. Also available on Kindle

Think & Grow Rich

A book about mindset, this book will give you the tools to create transmute something from nothing, as long as you use the correct application and you believe that anything is possible. Also available on Kindle.

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