Welcome to Water Filled Wellies

At Water Filled Wellies we know how eventful, wonderful and challenging raising children can be…  As both teachers and parents ourselves, we know first hand the absolute importance of giving our children the very best start in life. Their earliest experiences help to shape, form and guide their foundations and are crucial steps in their journies. In fact, according to the Foundation Years Framework, “In their first three years, children develop physically, cognitively and emotionally at a faster rate than at any other time in their lives” – so it really is vital we get it right. Or at least, try our very very best!

With this in mind, we’ve created a nurturing, stimulating and safe space where children can grow, flourish and learn.

Whether it be for a baby or toddler class, a full day of daycare, or using our products – our aim is that every child will have the very best experiences with us and parents can be assured that they’re child is getting the best  start in life.




The Playhouse

So where does the fun happen? All of our baby classes and day care provision take place in our wonderful Plauhouse. The Playhouse is a beautiful space – the downstairs is light, large, and inviting; it is filled with beautifully picked decorations, educational toys and sensory play areas. In each area of the downstairs space there are designated spaces assigned to different developmental areas, for example ‘Numeracy Ninjas’, ‘Sensory Space’ and ‘Water Play’.

The downstairs back room looks out on to a lovely south facing garden with an array of outdoor activities, a sheltered section so that children can still play outdoors when the weather is poor and loads of opportunities for the children to develop their physical skills as well as gardening.

There are two bathrooms available for use (one downstairs toilet and one upstairs bathroom); there is a well equipped kitchen where you can make yourself at home with a complimentary herbal tea or purchase a slice of our delicious cakes.

Upstairs there is an additional room known as ‘The Mindfulness Nook’ which has been created as a safe, dream-like space for the children to have a quiet moment of calm and reflection. This room has been designed to encourage mindfulness, calm and includes a wonderful reading nook!

Throughout our classes and our day care provision, we spend time reading to and with the children – encouraging them to start looking at images, letter sounds, and being creative in their play.


Although we love the space at the Playhouse, our approach is to foster a love of the outdoors and inspire our children to want to get outside and explore; we give all of the children who come to our space the opportunities to do just that! We organise trips to local and not so local child friendly spaces such as parks, farms and museums to name a few. We teach them, through a carefully planned early years curriculum, wonderful baby classes and our products to learn, have fun and become inquisitive, resilient and the very best they can be.

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