Healthy Living

In today’s chaotic world, healthy living often isn’t a priority.  Societies and households are filled with stress, anxiety, obesity, poor communication and lacking in empathy to others. All in all, life can be tough and trying to be healthy, both mentally and physically, can be a huge challenge – especially where our time is taken up with our busy schedules.


Take a breath. Take a moment. Take some time for yourself. You deserve it!

As you can see, healthy living is so important to us! In fact, it is part of our mantra – Health, Happiness & Wealth. As such, we are constantly striving to better ourselves and aim to share our experiences and lessons with our wonderful community. Through fitness, healthy eating, mindfulness and empathy (to name a few) our ethos takes a holistic approach to healthy living. 

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How can we help you with healthy living?

healthy living

We can help you:

  • have a more varied and healthy diet with our delicious, nutritious and frugal recipes
  • experiment with different exercise suggestions for weight management and healthy living
  • learn the importance of mental health and well-being 
  • learn strategies to cope with stress and anxiety
  • live happy, empathetic and caring lives
We are not dieticians, fitness trainers or specialists in the field of mental health. We are ordinary people, like you! By making small changes in our lives, making healthy choices, being more active, looking after our mental health and doing a ton of our own research and growth, we can already see a huge difference both to ourselves and our community members!
Join us now and discover how you can make these changes too! You deserve it! 

Alex & Filipa

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