Best 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge: Drop 10 Pounds!

30 day weight loss challenge

Are you ready to do the 30 day weight loss challenge?

There are a range of 30 day weight loss challenges out there but this one is easy to follow and will help you get to your goal without much trouble.

Why listen to me on this topic? Because I’ve been there! 

Weight loss is something I always struggled with. I was a pretty big kid – with a 36″ waist at 14 I was definitely a big boy.

I always wanted to be buff though, like the stars in the movies! But I had no idea where to start. I thought that just doing exercise would make me lose weight. I learnt that exercise seldom helps anyone with a diet like mine. 

I wish there was a 30 day weight loss challenge when I was a kid – it would have saved me a lot of time and helped with my self-esteem. 

Don’t worry though, we will explore 5 easy weight loss tips to burn fat and help you on your journey. 

Where was I going wrong?

Eating takeaway more than once a week, eating processed food most days and drinking my fill of sugary drinks will take its toll on anyone – child and adult alike.

I thought that starving myself all day and playing football would make a difference to my size, but it wasn’t enough to take away (no pun intended) from the food I was consuming when I got home or the fizzy drinks I drank throughout the day!

Even if I wasn’t consuming my actual number of calories throughout the day, starving myself throughout the day had an adverse effect on my body. By this I mean, the number of calories I’d need throughout the day decreased and my body started storing fat…

Not what I’d hoped for. This also meant that when I ate more at the weekend, I’d end up getting fatter as I would be going over my newly established calorie intake!

Needless to say – growing up, researching, paying for nutritionists and personal trainers has all contributed to a huge shift in my mindset with regards to weight loss and healthy living. I now know how to burn fat the right way and want to share all of those tips with you!

How is my 30 day weight loss challenge different?

Well, there are hundreds of diet fads out there and guides with misinformation. In reality, losing weight doesn’t need to be something that’s incredibly difficult.

There are simple principles that should be considered for major differences! However, if you’re like me and you struggle with moderation – we’re going to need to work on your will power and motivation! For me, it’s all or nothing, but that’s something I’m still working on.

This article will give you 5 easy weight loss tips that can be implemented into your daily life. These are simple lifestyle changes that’ll make it easy to shed that excess fat that you’ve been struggling to shift. 

If you start today, this’ll make the biggest difference – weigh yourself now, take some measurements and note it all down. Then you can check back in 30 days and see how this 30 day weight loss challenge is really the best! These simple weight loss tips help you make a massive change!

Once you’re done, post a comment and tell me and others about your success! I know you can do it and I’d love to hear your story!

30 Day weight loss challenge

1. Watch your calories

30 weight loss challengeSome foods are higher in calories than others!  Certain meats, dairy, oils, bread, rice, potatoes are on this list! I know, bloody hell, right? If you’re like me, you’re thinking – ‘that’s practically everything!’ We can’t not eat anything. Although this list seems exhaustive, it doesn’t mean the things on this list are off limits! You can still eat these foods and burn fat. 

I remember when I began my weight loss journey. I was fully obsessed with the classic bodybuilder physique. Like Arnie… I was fascinated by their discipline to work hard and eating right… I didn’t want to look like them perse, however, they were what I’d use for inspiration.

So like them, I amended my diet to consist of chicken breast and broccoli for most meals for most days! Not my favourite diet by a long shot! However, I did lose a lot of weight, but couldn’t look at broccoli for a long while after!

This was not the last time I had to drop some weight. In fact, until I made real changes to my lifestyle, my weight would yoyo. What I’ve learnt during this time is – this doesn’t need to be you, just be mindful of foods that are high in calories and don’t pair them up.

Steak and vegetables are lovely together! Roasted chicken breast in a pitta with lettuce – is simple, quick and healthy! Salads with roasted vegetables, deserts that contain a variety of fruit! These are all things, high in flavour, and when combined, help you to limit the number of calories you’re intaking. Many of the foods are also very satiating – meaning you’ll have fewer cravings! 

You can even implement this weight loss tip with your children, and help to promote a healthy diet. After all, we want to raise healthy children. 

For more fantastic recipes, why not check out my chicken paella or a pinch of yum? They have an entire section dedicated to healthy foods! You can use this as your 30 day weight loss diet plan to help you keep your calories down and increase the range of food you eat. 

These easy weight loss tips will make a massive difference. But what other calories could we cut?

30 Day weight loss challenge diet

30 day weight loss challenge diet

30 Day weight loss challenge meal plan

30 day challenge meal plan

2. Cut out sugary drinks

It is so easy to drink your calories! I used to drink a 3-litre bottle of poison called Tizer… My mum had no idea and clearly, I didn’t either…

Alcohol, fizzy drinks,  juices and smoothies – these all contain hidden calories that could well be a cause of you struggling to regulate your weight.

Cutting things out can be really tough! Trust me… I know this better than most who will tell you how to be healthy.

To begin with, why not start by decreasing the quantity you intake each week. For example – if you have 2 fizzy drinks a day, cut that down to 1. Then down to maybe three a week. These can end up becoming treats, this way when you drink them, you’ll feel good as it’s no longer the norm.

This is an easy weight loss tip that will make a large difference to calorie intake. It is also incredibly easy to implement. 

Can you see that so far, the 30 day weight loss challenge consists of simple weight loss tips that will really help you change your lifestyle for 30 days, which could translate into a lifetime!

But now that you’ve cut out some of these naughty drinks, what should you drink instead?

3. Drink more water!

As a child I hated the taste of water! I used to be told that water doesn’t have a taste… Just because you can’t taste it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t have one. Tap water in my opinion has a very distinctive taste, though I can’t really describe it. Let’s just say it tastes like tap…

Bottled water on the other hand is really quite refreshing! Unfortunately, I’m not about paying for bottled water when I have to pay for the water that comes out of my tap too! What can I say, I have a cheapness to me, I like frugality.

However, I find that when tap water has been left in a jug or in a bottle overnight, it tastes just like bottled water. If this is something that affects you, give this a try as it will make a massive difference to the taste and to the money you’ll save!

What does drinking water have to do with weight loss?

It’s like I can feel this question before it’s even said – yes, it does flush out your system, but that’s not my reason, just an added benefit 😊 If you start by drinking 2 litres of water a day, you’ll find that it fills you up. The knock-on effect to this is that you’ll end up eating less. So by drinking more water, you’re less hungry and saving  the extra money and calories on food.

More often than not, we think we are hungry – when in actual fact we are just thirsty. This is something that could have helped me a lot as a child! When you feel hungry, why not have a glass of water? Wait a while and see if you still feel the need to eat.

If this is the case for you, maybe you need to ask yourself ‘do I feel hungry?’  Do this especially in the morning. Drink some water before you have your coffee or your breakfast and see if that makes a difference.

I always have a bottle on me now, it even comes to bed with me! Not drinking for hours throughout the night can really make you think you’re hungry. My favourite bottle is the Klean Kanteen 32oz – it holds a lot of water and makes it easy for me to track how much I’m drinking throughout the day. It’s sturdy, durable and maintains your preferred water temperature throughout the day. It was a fantastic buy!

I aim to have a minimum of 2 throughout the day and extra at night!

This will kick-start your 30 day weight loss challenge! The more you start to drink, the less hungry you’ll feel, the more weight you’ll lose – give this weight loss tip a try! 

4. Skip breakfast

skip breakfast on the 30 day weight loss challenge

There’s this myth going around about breakfast being the most important meal of the day. I’m sure it’s a lie made up by cereal companies to sell their sugar-filled breakfasts to unsuspecting victims. You might find this controversial, but trust me, this will make the world of difference!

There is this thing called intermittent fasting – I did this when getting in shape for my wedding. It suggests that you should be eating within certain windows. This is not what I’m going to advise at this point, don’t worry about the timings for now – just skip breakfast on certain days and we should get similar results. 

When I did this I arrived at the end of my weight loss journey much faster than I would have without it. It really helps to regulate your intake. 

The benefits of skipping breakfast

  • Your body stays in a fasted state for longer, meaning that any movement you’re doing while having not eaten will mean you are burning fat and not the food you’ve just consumed.
  • The other big benefit would be the money-saving you’d make in the long run. I told you I had a cheapness to me 😉
  • There will also be a time saving on these days which will allow you to get more done.

If you employ this simple weight loss tip three days a week it’ll give you a major boost to reach your goal at an accelerated rate. This will be especially beneficial if you’re moving before you’ve had breakfast. So when is the best time to implement this? Before you exercise.

NB: Please don’t do this if you are breastfeeding, pregnant or ill – you will need all of your energy. You also have the added benefit of breastfeeding burning loads of calories!

5. Increase activity

Let’s be honest – can you burn fat without being active? Yes, you can – but think carefully about how long you want it to take and what you want to look like at the end of your journey.

You should be aiming to do 30 minutes of activity daily! So get up and walk on the spot while you read this… Not really, but do try to increase your activity level.

This is easy to do – you could walk to the shop rather than drive, get off the bus a stop or two early and walk the rest of the way. Go for a walk during your lunch break to a park, by a river, or just down your road, or take your dog for an extra walk. Each of these could be made even more active by simply increasing your pace to get your heart rate up. 

One of the best ways to track all of this is to head on over and get yourself a Fitbit! This is what I used when I started out. They’re not particularly expensive but held me accountable – it buzzed me when I’d been sitting for too long and allowed me to track my water intake, step count and more! 

To help you get the most out of your 30 day weight loss challenge, you’ll also want to add at least three sessions of exercise each week –  a combination of resistance and cardio. 

These don’t need to take hours, I’d opt for about 45 minutes including about 5 minutes of stretching. Do this in the morning on the days you skip breakfast. If you’ve decided skipping breakfast isn’t for you, still do this activity before breakfast for best results.

If you struggle to motivate yourself with exercise, why not get a friend or family member to join you? They can help to hold you accountable for the 30 days.

Stay active 30 day weight loss challenge


Like I said before – losing weight doesn’t need to be hard. We just need to educate ourselves about how to do it the right way. These weight loss tips should help you immensely on your 30 day weight loss challenge.

Follow these 5 easy weight loss tips to burn fat, and in 30 days you’ll start to see some real results that you can be proud of! When that happens, why not start again?

REMEMBER at the end of the day, weight loss is about calories in versus calories out. If we control what we’re taking in and increase our level of activity, it will be a piece of cake… 😉

Any questions? Please put them in the comments below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I’ve seen them.

Stay safe and accountable! #Youcandoit!

P.S. If you found this useful, please share this with others you think it can help!

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