Baby & Toddler Classes
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What to expect

“Fun-filled, educational and a real sense of community” – Daniel

“Filipa has been fantastic with my little ones.I would highly recommend taking part in her engaging classes” – Chloe

“Amazing teachers with a clear passion and love for what they do. Highly recommend.” – Taja

“Amazing and qualified teachers with a passion for teaching. My son has learnt and gained life long skills from both Filipa and her husband Alexander. We highly recommend the playhouse.” – Mesha

As teachers, we know how important early years development is and how crucial it is for our children to grow to be strong, happy and fulfilled in order to build the resilience and skills needed throughout their lives.

With this in mind, we have created safe and stimulating sessions where you can play, learn and explore, whilst being exposed to the very first foundations of the Early Years Framework in literacy, numeracy and physical development. Our home away from home is filled with joy, laughter and learning.

The Playhouse is a beautiful space – the downstairs is light, large, and inviting; it is filled with beautifully picked decorations, educational toys and sensory play areas. In each area of the downstairs space there are designated spaces assigned to different developmental areas, for example ‘Puzzles & Play’, ‘Build & Grow’, ‘Arts & Crafts’ and ‘Friends & Figures’.

The downstairs back room looks out on to a lovely south facing garden with an array of outdoor activities, a sheltered section so that children can still play outdoors when the weather is poor and loads of opportunities for the children to develop their physical skills as well as gardening.

Upstairs there is an additional room known as ‘The Space Snug’ which has been created as a safe, dream-like space for the children to have a quiet moment of calm and reflection. This room has been designed to encourage mindfulness, calm and includes a wonderful reading nook!

There are two bathrooms available for use (one downstairs toilet and one upstairs bathroom); there is a well equipped kitchen where you can make yourself at home with a complimentary herbal tea or purchase a slice of our delicious cakes.

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