Raising children


Once your children pass the toddler stage and start to become little people, things may seem to calm down a bit! There are of course different challenges that we will face with our growing children! 

Tantrums will be well and truly on their way out, however now a new chapter will be starting. Language will be far more developed however developmental leaps will still be happening, along side an increase in hormones, changing bodies, new friendships forming, starting school etc.

Although having a child around can be demanding, we have written some posts which will help you navigate the rollercoaster your child is embarking on. From building resilience, learning the best ways to communicate with your children, demands of starting school, forming new friendships and much much more – we’ve got you covered…

At Water Filled Wellies we take a positive parenting approach and look at each phase of childhood as a wonderful adventure. We have posts on a range of topics which will include tips and tricks, routines and guidance on how to be the best parent you can be to your growing child.​

Children Posts

Early Years Development

Early Years Development – the best 3 approaches to daycare

In the bustling world of early childhood education, where screens often dominate and structured activities prevail, there’s a growing recognition of the profound benefits of incorporating elements of forest school, Montessori approach and traditional classroom teaching into learning environments. By merging the organic richness of forest school experiences with the time-tested methodologies of the Montessori

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preparing for a second baby

Preparing For A Second Baby | 10 Easy Steps To Success

Preparing for a second baby should feel easier than the first. The stress of not knowing anything has gone but introduces additional problems and worries. Some of these worries include: How will your first baby react? Where will the second baby sleep? Where am I going to put all their clothes and necessities? Who will

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mixed race hair

5 top tips for beautiful mixed race hair

For parents like us, who have a mixed race baby with hair that is VERY different from our own, dealing with mixed race hair can be a huge challenge! At the start, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing and I am still learning every day!  So, what’s the best method for dealing

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guide to patience

The Parent’s Guide To Patience | Easy To Follow Steps

So apparently patience is a virtue… It seems to be the hardest one to come by, especially when your kid has just thrown their dinner on the floor and is shouting “MUMMY, I WANT ICE CREAM!” on repeat…  But what are the steps to become a more patient parent? How can we stop losing our

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raising resilient children

How To Go About Raising Resilient Children

Raising Resilient Children Raising resilient children is becoming increasingly important. Do you ever sit and look back at your own youth and think “where has the time gone”?  Last night I was looking through some old photos of myself growing up and it was such a lovely feeling. Reminiscing on happy memories, experiences and relationships

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communicating with your child

Communicating With Children – Astonishing results

Communicating with children can be a great struggle, regardless of their age! I can’t imagine there’s a single parent out there who hasn’t had a problem with this at some point of their parenting journey; myself included! So, if communicating with children is such a problem for so many parents, how do we get through

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