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Guide To Baby\’s Day and Night Routine (4-18 months)


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What to expect

No one can say that parenting is easy! Whether you\’re a new parent or a seasoned veteran – there are always going to be challenges along the way. If you\’ve found your way here, then perhaps you\’re looking for aid with sleep and routine.  If that\’s the case, the guide to baby\’s day and night routine is what you\’re after!

You\’ve probably got a bunch of questions about sleep. How to get my baby to sleep through the night? How long should my baby nap for during the day? How many naps a day should they be having? When should my baby have these naps? Do I have to stay home all day to get my baby to sleep? 

If you\’re a new parent, I\’m sure these questions are burning! This guide to baby\’s day and night routine should help to answer these questions and more! Alleviating some of your worries and helping both you and your little one get some much needed and much deserved rest. 

These answers aren\’t just for new parents though! Seasoned vets will find this useful too. Remember, not all children are the same, what worked for your first, may not work for your second, third or dare I say fourth! Some children are just really hard to understand and get through to. This is where routine comes in. 

Setting up a consistent daily routine will get the child who doesn\’t like following instructions, into a rhythm that they can understand and eventually get on board with. This guide is however, designed to get your baby, into a good routine/rhythm to get them to sleep when they need to. This guide is designed to aid and promote sleep.

3 Myths about baby and sleep

Some of these myths encourage parents to ignore their children, stay at home and tell them to banish all sleep associations. Previously, getting our daughter to sleep was a slow and painful process. We seemed to be putting tons of work and effort into it without getting any results.

Now, having a well-rested and happy baby is now a walk in the park, and it all started with breaking down these myths!

Myth #1. Baby needs to be trained to sleep

Sleep training, no matter how mild, will involve leaving your baby to cry for a little while. Rather than being conducive to sleep, we found after a few terrible attempts that this did the opposite. The whole experience stressed our little one out far too much and left both our baby and us anxious messes! Your baby does not need to be trained to sleep. We promise.

Myth #2. Following a good day and night time routine means I won\’t be able to leave the house

So many people will say \”the sleep schedule I bought online says my baby has to nap at home – so I really can\’t leave during the day\”. This does not have to be the case. Once your little one has established good sleeping habits, their body will know when it is time to sleep and start working with you.

Myth #3. Breastfeeding / Holding / Rocking to sleep is creating BAD sleep associations!

Breastfeeding your baby, holding them in your arms or gently rocking them from side to side are the most natural things in the world. They are not, in any way, shape, or form, creating bad sleep associations. Humans as a species are a “carrying species” – meaning that when our babies are born, they are born expecting to be held and comforted. Being close to their care-givers (especially mum if breastfeeding) is a totally natural and expected part of their development. They will grow out of it when they or you are ready to stop.

What\’s in the guide to baby\’s day and night routine?

You\’ll get:

  • Our Sleep Philosophy
  • Sleep Training Vs Sleep Comforting
  • Daily Activity Template
  • Daily Routine Schedule from 4 – 18 months
  • Night Time Routine Guide
  • Troubleshooting Tips
  • Downloadable App Suggestions
  • Final Thoughts


We encourage communication. If you have any questions about the guide to baby\’s day and night routine, we\’d love to hear from you. Please find our contact details here and let us know any questions you might have or even reservations! We are also available for support once you have purchased. You can reach us by email or join the Water Filled Wellies Community group on Facebook. This is an exclusive members-only group, send us a request once you\’ve purchased or joined our mailing list and we\’ll admit you. 


What are we offering?
Sleep and rest for both you and your child. We aim to provide you with consistency in your day to day lives with an element of predictability that allows you to easily plan your days. This will, in turn, promote good sleep, routine and should help your baby/child get on board with the day\’s plans, provided they are the norm. 

Why use this method?
We use a tried and tested approach that utilises routine, comfort and nurture – not the usual cry it out methods. This approach fits nicely into a healthy family dynamic that encourages a feeling of safety, security and trust between you and your baby/child.

Why trust us?
We\’ve been there! Had a child that was a notoriously bad sleeper! Our method started with us then helped other struggling parents. The effects of this method allowed us to bond with our baby girl and form a relationship of nurture and trust that we believe wouldn\’t have been there otherwise. We\’ve tried other methods and they just weren\’t for us. If this is a similar feeling to you, then rest assured that our guide to baby\’s day and night routine will fill the gap you\’ve been experiencing and allow you to feel good about yourself at the same time!

Does it work?
YES! Our holistic approach to sleep, routine and comfort over cry, fosters a loving and nurturing relationship with sleep for your little one. The feedback we\’ve received has always been positive and we are constantly striving to tweak our guides based on areas of improvement.

There are so many guides out there that are much more expensive – why is this one so cheap?
Honestly, without meaning to sound totally cringe worthy – we genuinely care and want to help. Not everyone can afford a high price tag, especially when they\’ve just had a child. Also, we\’ve been there with our little girl. We\’ve had the countless sleepless nights, the utter despair at 2am and the zombie state the next day. 

We\’ve also spent loads of money on this stuff ourselves and felt completely ripped off! Not only do we want to help, but we also want to offer value at an affordable prices. We price our resources to make them accessible to everyone, you don\’t need to have loads of money to need and receive help.

What do I do if I download the guide and it doesn\’t work for me?
In the event that the strategies don\’t work for you, we are here to support you! We offer our community one-to-one help and support. Just pop us an email and we will try our very best to advise you accordingly.

What next?

It\’s time to ask yourself – How important is sleep to me? Do I want my baby/toddler to sleep through the night? Do I want my baby/toddler to nap for longer during the day? Do I want to have a routine that will give my baby/toddler a fulfilling day and us to not stay cooped up in the house? What is preventing me from committing?

Take a chance and change your life.


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