About Water Filled Wellies

Welcome and thank you for taking an interest in our story. Here we have Filipa, Alex, Izzie, Ellie and our two gorgeous cats Fíli and Kíli (yes we are The Hobbit fans).
We have been Qualified Teachers in secondary schools around London since 2012, ranging in 9 different subjects and holding a range of responsibilities between us – including Head of Whole School Literacy; Head of KS3 Computing; Accelerated Reader Co-ordinator and Head of English. As teachers, we know how crucial the early years are for giving children the best start in their education, future relationships and life! 
Through our work and connections, we have been able to work with a vast array of professionals from different fields of education and other early learning providers, to enable us to give parents and children we work with the most rewarding experiences, up to date advice and the knowledge that their children are in excellent hands. It is our mission to provide the very best of care, love and education there is to offer. 
Above all else though, we are parents to two wonderful daughters… They are adventurous, kind, smart, always up to mischief and absolutely obsessed with wellies and puddles – let’s face it… What kid isn’t?! Hence the name Water Filled Wellies was born.
Girl in puddle

It was during the start of our parenting journey that we quickly realised there was very little out there that met our particular needs and expectations for our children. We wanted a home away from home environment, somewhere that was founded on the idea of nurturing brilliance in every child through play, embracing the outdoors and instilling a true love of learning. Somewhere that was founded in developing, not only the learning of the child, but somewhere that would encourage creativity, inquisitiveness and curiosity about the world around them.

On the surface, many childcare settings claimed to do just this, however upon looking into them, we found that their sole purpose was money making and our children were mere numbers in the grand scheme of their business enterprise. This is the opposite of what we wanted – each child IS brilliant, they are individual and have the potential to be  amazing in their own right! This is what we stand for – above any numbers!

At Water Filled Wellies we give back to our community; we hold fundraising events; we donate to children’s charities; we litter pick; we care about the future of our children and want to help create a better environment for them. Our children, literally are our future and they need to be invested in.

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