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Hello! We are the creators and authors of Water Filled Wellies – Filipa and Alex Endrich 

We have been teaching in secondary schools in London for a combined total of 17 years ranging in 8 different subjects and have held a range of different responsibilities between us. As well as having the privilege of teaching, we also have the absolute pleasure of creating and writing the content for this blog. Through our work and connections, we have been able to work with a vast array of professionals from different fields of education, early years learning, sleep training, nutritionists for the young etc to enable us to give our readers the most up to date, professional and accurate advice about all aspects of parenting. 

Above all else though, we are parents to our wonderful daughter! She is brilliantly adventurous, always up to mischief and absolutely obsessed with wellies and puddles – let’s face it… What kid isn’t? Hence the name of our blog was born! 😉 

about end-rich
about end-rich

How can we help you?

We are passionate about positive parenting solutions, family and living creatively and meaningfully – this is what the blog is primarily about. Our aim is to help you on your parenting journey… from the early stages of pregnancy to the tough years of adolescence and beyond!

We will help you:

  • to build a positive parenting relationship with your little one
  • learn some tips and tricks on how to have a solution focussed approach to handling the everyday and not so every day issues surrounding parenting
  • get a healthy and productive routine in place to establish positive sleeping patterns and better days
  • nurture happy, resilient, healthy, loved, comforted and wonderfully brilliant little people
positive parenting solutions

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 Thank you for your time and interest.
Wishing you luck, positivity and loads of water filled welly fun for your parenting adventure!

Filipa & Alex 😉 

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